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Our Value for this Half Term is


An introduction assembly will take place at the beginning of this half term and children are looking forward to a Values Day in their classrooms when they will have opportunities to experience this Value.

Value Stickers are given to children showing an awareness or understanding of peace.

A Values assembly will take place during the last week of this half term when we celebrate our Values achievements.

A Values Education - A Parent's Guide

At John Donne we believe that by providing a Values Education we are also contributing to the positive caring ethos at our school, while providing a framework for living now and in the future, with mutual respect and understanding for each other. 


We aim to give children the best possible start in their education to enable them to be confident, successful and happy world citizens of the future. 

What is a Values Education?

Values Educations is learning in and through our chosen Christian Values with implicit and explicit practice. It is having a shared understanding and shared vocabulary supported by all staff and Governors, parents and the community enabling a holistic Values development.

It is learning to recognise our own and others behaviour and reflect on the impact of this on ourselves and each other.  Positive reinforcement of good behaviour and a calm, supportive approach to any behavioural and emotional issues can be quickly and skillfully resolved with a shared understanding and agreement.

How do you teach the Values?

We have a 2 year rolling programme of Values.  We introduce a new Value on the first Wednesday of every half term with a whole school Assembly. This is followed by a Values day in each class to enable and reinforce the beginnings of early understandings.  Each new Value is shared in our fortnightly Newsletters.  Examples of expected behaviour reflecting each Value are noted and rewarded and then shared at the end of our Monday assemblies with a Values leaf.  A mid half term assembly gives us all a reminder of our current Value and how we show our understandings.  Finally at the end of every half term during our last Values Assembly a Values badge is awarded to one child in each Year Group.   We hold 3 Values Assemblies every half term.

What are our chosen Values?

Responsibility                    Forgiveness                  Perseverance             Thankfulness                 Friendship

                        Courage                          Respect                           Peace                            Trust

Service & Generosity             Truth                             Wisdom                    Reverence

How do they impact on the children's behaviour?

The Values are an integral part of our school ethos and environment.  The children are encouraged to talk about and recognise each Value in their own and in the behaviour of others.  The Values give the child, a firm foundation to make informed choices by reflecting on, thinking about and understanding each Value.

What can I do?

  • Demonstrate and model each Value;
  • Talk about and refer to our Values;
  • Recognise and praise a Value observed;
  • Send in a leaf (Values Leaf) with a short description of the Value shown by your child;
  • Support the Home/School Agreement.